Extract Smarter Insights Through Real-Time Data

Production Performance Suite Upstream Operations

The world of upstream oil and gas is vast and complex. And with industry changes, growing competition and a greater predictive focus on safety and security, the need for actionable insights is stronger than ever.

Honeywell’s new Upstream Production Performance Suite (UPP Suite) helps you cut through the complexity to uncover valuable insights to help you set up and run your facilities better—from the field to the board room.

This integrated upstream portfolio makes it easier to gather real-time data from across your operations and extract clear insights about how to optimize performance and efficiency. From basic sensing and monitoring to comprehensive process and performance enhancement, Honeywell UPPS can help you run smarter, safer and more efficient upstream operations.

From The Field To The Board Room.

Key Benefits Of UPP Suite

Maximize production through an end-to-end solution

Achieve your production optimization goals, reduce OPEX and improve operating efficiency.






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