Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency

Honeywell Forge Tutor

Honeywell Forge Tutor is a knowledge capture and propagation tool that provides a repository for domain knowledge and experiences to teache and evaluate “what if” reflexes and diagnostic abilities.

Honeywell Forge Interactive Process Training® is a cloud deployed, simulator based, learning and development service that delivers comprehensive process training for operators and engineers. With Honeywell Forge Interactive Process Training, trainees gain both knowledge and experience while developing practical confident process operations analysis and decision-making skills.

Honeywell Forge Interactive Process Training simplifies the efforts and expertise required for simulator-based training deployment, and maintenance while delivering on your culture of continuous improvement of process safety, reliability and performance.

For over 25 years, Honeywell has been delivering process operator training simulators in the process industries. Honeywell’s Forge Workforce Competency suite technology is a global market leader in the Hydrocarbon Processing Operator Training Simulator business. Honeywell Forge Interactive Process Training Simulator combines Honeywell’s unmatched experience, expertise and technology to provide a unique and valuable training service outcome to the process industries.
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