Join the ASM Consortium

Join the ASM Consortium

Consortium Membership Types
Any process industry manufacturing or operating entity that receives direct benefits from the reduction of abnormal situations is eligible to be a User member.

Associate Member
Companies that may provide unique knowledge and capabilities to assist in the development of ASM®-related solutions, i.e., not available within Honeywell or other member companies, are eligible to be an Associate member.

University Member
University research groups that conduct investigations and developments of ASM-related solution concepts are eligible to become University members.

Any Honeywell entity that offers expertise in researching and developing ASM solution concepts can participate as a Honeywell member.

Current membership information is available on the Membership page, and Staff contact information can be found on the About us page

Consortium Membership Benefits
Optimizing production, reducing variability and costs, improving safety and respecting the environment are most likely goals of your company.   The ASM Consortium can provide you with research, reports, tools, and best practices that can help your company achieve these goals.

Membership benefits include:
• An on-site assessment provided by experienced ASM Members includes a best practices report identifying the areas of ASM the new member company should focus on.  This can be extremely valuable in avoiding costs on areas that do not need major improvement, and in focusing on areas where there will be the most significant return.

• The opportunity to participate in Consortium-funded R&D efforts, propose collaborative projects, such as field tests, and receive funding from the Consortium Joint Fund to fully or partially fund the project.

• Full access to the members-only Consortium database offering over ten years of proprietary Consortium research.  Included in the database are members-only best practices guideline documents and results of all research projects.  Any member employee may register for free access to this database.

• Participation for as many employees as desired in all Consortium-sponsored meetings, such as information-sharing workshops.

• The opportunity to recommend and direct Honeywell developments spend.

• First access to new Honeywell products or enhancements that are tailored to User Member needs, and early knowledge of how to take advantage of these enhancements.

• The opportunity to communicate with Honeywell executives on issues and opportunities in the area of ASM.

• Networking with fellow members to exchange information, compare results, etc.

• Unlimited use of the pre-product solution concepts.

• Opportunity to freely apply consortium learning’s within their organizations using any available tools.

Consortium Membership Requirements
New companies are invited to join the ASM Consortium based on their willingness to participate in Consortium activities and share “best practices” relevant to ASM Consortium objectives with all members of the Consortium.  Membership costs vary by type of member.  

User Member Participation Requirements.
• Provide a principal representative, and an alternate, to be an active, voting member of the Consortium Executive Steering Committee.

• Provide at least one representative from site Operations to be the representative for Operations-oriented activities.

• Attend the three face-to-face Consortium meetings each year, either by the company principal representative or an alternate.

• Host one full Consortium meeting every three years including: arranging logistics, meeting room, lunches, break refreshments, and one dinner.

• Communicate the results of the ASM Consortium activities broadly within the member company to ensure that the benefits of ASM membership are being disseminated and deployed.

• Report the results of ASM Consortium-related activities to other Members and Affiliates according to the requirements of the Executive Steering Committee.  

Specific Membership Costs as well as Associate and University Member Participation Requirements are available upon request.

Joining the Consortium
The Consortium is actively interested in recruiting new companies to participate in our efforts to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of process plant operations by improving Abnormal Situation Management.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the ASM Consortium Director to discuss your interest.