Solutions for reducing OT cybersecurity risk

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Robust cybersecurity solutions to improve operational resiliency

Honeywell has a long history of helping reduce cyber risk across process control networks. From assessments and audits to response and recovery, the portfolio of end-to-end solutions leverages Honeywell’s industry-leading expertise and experience in process control and cybersecurity. Having delivered more than 5,000 projects globally, Honeywell’s certified experts help users improve their cybersecurity posture. With continuous investments in people, processes, and technology, Honeywell is committed to assisting industrial users in reducing risk and ensuring operational continuity.

Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Honeywell is a proven industrial security partner that offers:

  • Global and regional industrial cybersecurity services, with hubs close to our customers  

  • Award-winning, tailored security solutions to protect industrial controls, without impacting critical processes efficiently 

  • Solutions for customers at any maturity stage, from early security assessments to advanced cybersecurity monitoring  

  • Convenient procurement options, including software subscriptions and global services agreements

What Sets Us Apart

  •  15+ years successfully delivering industrial cybersecurity 

  • Track record of 5,000+ global industrial cybersecurity engagements  

  • Mature services with 600+ managed industrial cybersecurity sites 

  • 6000+ secure connections managed  

  • Award-winning products (i.e., Forge Managed Security Services (MSS), Secure Media Exchange (SMX)) 

  • Industry-leading process control network know-how  

  • State-of-the-art global cybersecurity centers of excellence 

  • Technology partnerships to deliver cutting-edge solutions from leading cybersecurity providers 

Get Ahead of Cybersecurity Challenges


Learn how to manage leadership expectations while communicating sensitive OT cybersecurity situations in a factual and informative manner
Learn how to maintain business continuity despite today's global risk factors placing an urgent emphasis on the need for flexible control and management over operational assets.
Gain broader context within which to make informed decisions on actions and next steps to improve cybersecurity in operational technology (OT) settings.
Gain perspective to make informed decision on cybersecurity staffing and its ROI within process control industries.

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