GasLab Q2

Product Description

The GasLab Q2 is a gas quality analyser for natural gases. It determines the calorific value and Wobbe index and other parameters of the sample gas. The applications of the device range from fiscal energy metering to measurement, control and regulation. One major application is control of gas turbine power plants to optimize efficiency, pollutant emissions and system load even with fluctuating gas qualities. Another application is gas blending for managing the gas specifications in transportation, distribution and utilisation.

The device is flame free, works quickly and continuously. The correlative measuring procedure of the GasLab Q2 is based on the determination of the infrared absorption and thermal conductivity of the sample gas.

The housing provides explosion protection for use in hazardous area and covers a wide ambient temperature range, so that usually no further protective housing is required. This allows the analyser to be placed near to the process for the fast response time.

In measurement mode, the sample gas flows continuously through the sensor and updates the measurements each second. To accelerate the sampling, a bypass flowmeter is integrated in the housing. The device has a programmable automatic calibration sequence, using methane. Other utilities such as carrier gas or complex calibration gas mixtures are not necessary for operation.

The analyser has gas connections for sample gas, calibration gas, sensor vent and optional bypass. There are electrical connections for power and multiple communications, like Ethernet, serial ports and analog and digital I/O.

The measured values are communicated via Modbus protocol and analog outputs. Modbus is available through two serial ports and the Ethernet interface. Additionally it is possible to connect external alarms to monitor contact closures, e.g. low pressure limit of calibration bottle or sampling system status.

The integrated display shows the measurement values and operating conditions of the analyser. The analyser can be operated via a touch panel. The same functionality can be accomplished by a web browser connecting to the device. Computer software is used for configuration, data display and recording.

The GasLab Q2 stands out on account of the low capital investment and maintenance costs and its user-friendly operation.