2020, Volume 3

The New Normal - Reloaded

Complete custody transfer metering system
Whiskey in the Jar

New role introduction
Alberic Avise named General Manager for Honeywell PMC Americas

Your one-stop destination for performance and uncertainty
Honeywell Measurement IQ Optimize:

Gas transmission & distribution:
Miwireless 350 for station monitoring

Quantometers QA/QAE with a new look:
Sooner or later paint chips and fades - but hart-coat® stays

The enCal 3000 prochain tested:
A picture is worth a thousand words

More than the sum of its parts:
The Honeywell 5020 Gas Regulator and S60 Pilot

Access to well over 200 3-D files
3-D product library for station builders and planners

Efforts to make development processes leaner and more transparent
Understanding agile development

Powerful solution for identifying aging assets
Updated ALHA tool includes valuable new features