We offer special trainings in English language in Mainz-Kastel and Dortmund or organized by our agents in their countries.

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Regulator Seminar <5bar And High Pressure Axial-flow-valve


  • Terminology of the control system regard to gas pressue
  • Function, design, characteristic curve diagrams & selection criteria of pressure regulators
  • Safety regulations (saftey diagram, safety shut-off valve, safety relief valve, low-pressure cut-off) for various pressure ranges
  • Actions in the event of a fault
  • High temperature resistant regulators
  • Practice: Installation, commissioning and maintenance of various pressure regluators

Target Group
Trained personnel from gas supply companies.
Trained personnel from the installation and servcice sector for industrial equipment.

Fast, safe handling of gas pressure regulators. Using theoretical knowledge in practice.

Training on request

Industrial Gas Metering


  • Fundamentals of gas metering and the metering chain
  • Aspects of the testing ageny
  • Design of meters, volume conversion devices, rotary and turbine gas meters
  • Gas meter/volume converter system
  • Expert discussion about rotary and turbine gas meters and volume conversion devices
  • Remote data transfer from volume conversion devices

Target Group
Trained technical personnel who wish to acquire an overview of industrial gas meters and learn about the benefits and restrictions of different metering technologies.

Clarity of the selection, integration and installation of meters, also when combined with volume conversion devices.

Training on request

Basics Of Volume Conversion Devices Ek2x0 


  • Fundamentals of volume conversion
  • Metrological use of volume converters
  • Short introduction of volume converter EK280/EK220/EK205
  • Connecting components for remote data transfer
  • User interface of the device
  • Interpreting and acknowledging error messages 
  • Battery change
  • enSuite parameterization software
  • Reading and visualization of process and archive data

    Further content on request

Target Group
Fitters from grid or meter operators.
Personnel from the field of remote meter reading and billing who wish to obtain an overview of the electronic metering technology used.

This 2-days user seminar informs about the confident handling of the main functions for Volume Conversion Devices.

Training on request

Gas Quality Analyser Encal 3000 


  • Design and type of action of PGC EnCal 3000 natural gas and biogas
  • Design and structure of the RGC3000 application software
  • Operating the gas-net EnCal 3000 evaluation unit
  • Setting of parameters
  • Carrying out a calibration
  • Connecting and measuring test gases
  • Connecting the evaluation unit
  • Questions and ideas

    Safety footwear and a laptop with administrator rights are required (installation of the RGC3000 software)

Target Group
Service technicians and auditors who carry out tests and function checks of the EnCal 3000.

The aim is to enable independent evaluation of chromatograms and the completion of a basic calibration as well as accompanying official calibration activities and fault analysis on the device.

Training on request
16./17. August 2022 .
04./05. January 2022

Industrial Gas Flow Computer Encore FC1

This 1,5-days user seminar offers an introduction to the use of the new Flow Computer with integrated data logging function in conjunction with ehe enSuite software for configuration and parameterization in the so-called "normal mode".


  • Introduction, overview and features of network connection
  • Functioning of the FC1
  • Online/Offline parameterization
  • Application and parameterization of FC1
  • Installation and use of the enSuite software

    It is good idea to bring a notebook with you upon which the latest enSuite software including Java SE8 (or higher). On request, we can cover the applications in "expert mode" in specially designed seminars.

Target Group
Users who are already familiar with Volume Conversion devices and who wish to use the enCore FC1 in the future.

The aim of this seminar is that our participants gain confidence against a backdrop of new technical developments and regulations and that they can perform their daily work more quickly and proficiently.

Training on request


This one-day seminar is intended for service technicians and auditors who carry out or assist tests and function checks of the Gas-Lab Q2.


  • Design and type pf action Gas-Lab Q2
  • Design and structure of the Q2 application software enSuite
  • Evaluation of source values
  • Operating the Q2 display unit
  • Setting of parameters
  • Carrying out a calibration
  • Connecting and measuring test gases
  • Connecting the evaluation unit
  • Troubleshooting

  • Safety footwear is required
  • A laptop with administrations rights is required (installation of the current enSuite software)

Target Group
Service technician.

Evaluation of process values, carrying out service calibration, test gas analyse runs, fault analysis on the device.

Training on request

Training Management

Paul Schamari
Tel.  06134 605 299
Fax  0 61 34 605 11299

On-site Seminars

We can also organize a seminar specifically for your need. We offer a wide range of topics in the following fields:

  • Regulators
    Basic functions, regulator selection, safety devices, commissioning, maintenance, calibrated regulators, HTR, peculiarities and practical exercises on a testing line that we bring with us an will be set up at your premises.
  • Gas meters
    Diaphragm meters, rotary meters, turbine meters, indexes, interfaces, commissioning, operation of meters, fundamentals and practical exercises on section models.
  • Electronics
    Functions and applications of the devices (operating, setting values, error determination, archive readout), system connection (working with enSuite parameterization software) and exercises directly on the devices.

You can also individually combine the seminar topics.

Price on request

Paul Schamari
Tel. +49 6134 605-299

Trainings in Mainz-Kastel
  • Regulator Seminar <5 bar and High-Pressure Axial-Flow-Valve
  • Industrial Gas Metering
  • Basics of Volume Conversion Devices EK2x0
Trainings in Dortmund

The following seminars will be held at the seminar center in Dortmund:

  • Industrial Gas Flow Computer enCore FC1
  • Gas Quality Analyser EnCal 3000
  • Q2
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