2021, Volume 1

Services at your service

Measurement IQ certification
The satisfaction of doing things right

Gas Transmission & Distribution
A new solar calculator for the miwireless product line

Retrofit to extend meter life
New or OldHydrogen tested in the encal 3000 ProChain
Making the invisible visible

4G/5G modem module - specially developed for Gas suppliers
Why does it take so long?

Gas Transmission & Distribution
SSGC (Pakistan) selects EC50 for its metering application

Slowly blending into the natural gas landscape …

Measuring gas factors in glass factories
The GlassLab Q2

NBB, Honeywell and the Buckow Transfer Station project
A success story made possible by Honeywell

Assessment of renewable gas influence on Gas Flow meters:
Understanding the metrology impact

Use of the new Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulator HON5020:
Schleswig-Holstein Netz relies on innovation in Gas Pressure Control technology

Spot-on Gas Remote Support - TotalCare Lite
How to secure the best quality support - today and tomorrow

Gas Skid migration
Maintaining your Gas Stations permanently with a state-of-the-art solution

New section "Hydrogen in the Natural Gas Network" in the Docuthek
Information is available quickly and easily