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The oil and gas onshore production industry is focused on driving down production costs and increasing reservoir recovery while minimizing environmental impact. Onshore production requires an automation and safety system which not only reports and controls, but provides a solid base for risk mitigation and operator effectiveness which addresses the entire oil and natural gas production process, helping achieve consistent daily production.

Honeywell has spent decades advancing solutions for onshore oil and gas. Our unsurpassed capabilities help customers meet critical requirements related to productivity, efficiency, reliability, information management and remote collaboration. We understand the industry’s unique operating requirements and focus on proactive asset management and lifecycle support.

Honeywell’s extensive portfolio runs the gamut, from best-in-class Distributed Control System (DCS) technology addressing the entire oil and natural gas production environment, to Advanced Process Control (APC) applications improving operational effectiveness and access to real-time performance data and digital twins of equipment and processes to get the best performance from oilfield assets. We also provide reliability solutions to improve availability and reduce downtime through proactive asset management and early detection of potential problems, and remote collaboration, optimization and operation tools to connect distributed operating sites to a central facility, creating a collaborative environment that becomes the enabler for production improvement.

Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Onshore Production

Digital Suites for Oil and Gas

Efficiency Solutions for Onshore Production

Information Management for Onshore Production

Reliability Solutions for Onshore Production



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