Industrial Autonomous Solutions

Enable Autonomous Decision Making while driving safety, reducing downtime, and ensuring name plate capacity production

Key Drivers for Industrial Autonomy

Improved Personnel Safety

Implement technology which provides the ability to move personnel out of harms way.

Higher Reliability Of Equipment

Minimize the need for manual steps by implementing automation.

Increased Productivity Of
People And Processes

Make use of automation to control processes at a level that is closer to maximum capabilities on a 24/7 basis.

The E2C Framework

The E2C (Edge, Collaboration, Control) Framework allows for development of Digital Transformation solution required for the journey to achieving Autonomous Operations.  Honeywell is well placed to integrate existing solutions with the latest and proven technology in a manner which allows IT-OT convergence, greater data democratization, asset optimization and provisions for remote and autonomous operations. 

Featured Industries

Upstream Production Performance Suite

Improve safety with personnel largely removed from hazardous offsite locations, enable lower OPEX, optimize production and
lower operating costs.


Optimize processes through Advance Process Control, allowing the capture of 1-2 spot cargo loads/year. Integrated Operating Center lends to operational efficiency and optimization across the  value chain. Digital twin and workforce competency solutions allow for early project start-up in a matter of weeks. 

Pipeline Hub

Optimize efficiency through integrated operations of pipeline, pumps and compressors with applications for enhanced leak detection and asset reliability through predictive maintenance.

Intelligent Downstream

Enhance profitability by improving Safety, Reliability, Sustainability, Productivity and Agility with the help of an integrated solution.

Mining, Minerals and Metals

Improve productivity in mining operations and increase process mineral recovery rates/yield. Enhance the levels of safety, while providing availability of high skilled resources with the help of a remote operating center. 

Integrated Gigafactories

Increase productivity by centralizing operational control in a hub with real-time data availability across multiple lines to allow data driven decision making.

Schedule a Consultation

Honeywell's consultancy services range from development of a customer Digital Roadmap to examining the design requirements of a control center and its support functions with subsequent deployment. Services also extend to screen graphics design philosophy and alarm hierarchy, understanding the effectiveness of operators and the complexity of their roles, and reviewing the readiness for remote operations.