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Pulse Accumulator

Pulse Accumulator is a wall mounted, battery-powered electronic recorder of low frequency pulses. It helps users meet their basic data collection needs via a modem and various other forms of wireless technology. ​

What Is It?
​Designed to be either wall or meter mounted, Pulse Accumulator from Mercury Instruments supports most C&I smart metering and AMR analog modem-based applications. Both input channels and stored consumptions can be independently scaled to different units of measure.

Other features include: 
  • Two-channel input: two separate pulse sources can connect to either channel 
  • Call Out or Call In: host or instrument initiated calls 
  • Low power requirements
  • Shared phone line capability: configurable for line share/line surrender 
  • Audit Trail Capacity: 41 days of hourly/four- user specified log items 
  • Multi-vendor data collection 
  • Wireless communications availability: CDMA, GPRS/GSM, satellite, cellular control channel, radio 
  • Power Control: for battery modem operation​
How Does It Work?
​Two independent pulse sources may be connected to the input channels of the Pulse Accumulator, each having its own 3.5VDC wetting voltage. The two channels act as independent accumulators. 

In an operational Pulse Accumulator, pulses received at either input are assigned a fixed amount of volume via their respective Input Pulse Value selections. Additional pulse scaling can be applied using their respective Input Pulse Scaling items (if needed) before the pulses are stored (added) to their respective accumulated totals.

What Problems Does It Solve?
Pulse Accumulator offers maximum value and flexibility in meeting users’ data logging requirements.