Portable Sampling

HERMetic Sampler GT1 for Marine Applications

Honeywell Tanksystem's HERMetic Sampler GT1 is a 1-inch portable sampler with a sampling capacity of approximately 0.3 litre. It is ideal for gas tight sampling of liquids that present a fire, health, or air pollution hazard.

What Is It?
The HERMetic Sampler GT1 is ideal for sampling of liquids under closed conditions where sampling volume up to 0.3 litre of liquid is needed. Its gas tight construction avoids any vapor release from the tank and exposure to fumes during operation.
The sampler housing is mounted on top of the HERMetic 1-inch deck valve with quick connect coupling. Transfer of the liquid from the sampling bottle to a laboratory bottle occurs by opening the transfer valve at the bottom of the sampler. The HERMetic Sampler GT1 is delivered with a zone sampling bottle. Spot, bottom and running bottles are available on request.

How Does It Work?
The HERMetic Sampler GT1 allows easy installation on the deck valve. The sampling height can be read on the graduated tape, while the sampling bottle can be easily removed by opening the top of the sampler housing.
The sampler carries the KEMA 06ATEX0027 (II 1 G c IIB T6) construction safety approval and complies with the European Union’s Directive 94/9 EC. It also complies with a host of regulations, including API (MPMS Chap 17.11).
Technical specifications include:
  • Tape length : 30 m/ 100 ft
  • Capacity of sampling bottles : up to 0.3 liter
What Problems Does It Solve?
​The HERMetic Sampler GT1 ensures closed gas tight sampling of liquids that pose a fire, health or air pollution hazard. It permits collection of a representative sample of the content inside the tanks for further laboratory analysis. In addition to safer operations, users benefit from lower operation and maintenance costs.
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HERMetic Sampler GT1
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