Precision and Reliability Are Critical 

Flat sheet producers need to ensure utmost speed, precision and reliability in demanding film, metals, coating and calendaring operations, including extrusion, oriented films, converting, nonwovens, rubber calendaring and aluminum rolling. This requires advanced measurement and automation solutions flexible enough to be tailored to their process needs.

Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

Honeywell’s Experion® PKS Distributed Control System (DCS) provides a secure, scalable platform unifying business and manufacturing intelligence. It seamlessly integrates with MXProLine™, our innovative Quality Control System (QCS) offering fast scan speeds, high accuracy, low noise and fine resolution. MXProLine supports online quality measurements, including weight, coat weight, moisture, thickness, density, color and opacity.

Partner with an Industry Leader

Honeywell differs from other technology providers by offering purpose-built solutions for continuous web operations. In addition to industry-leading DCS and QCS platforms, we provide machinery and software that are specific to plastics, films and metals applications and not used in other industries.

Honeywell’s integrated automation strategy contrasts with less qualified vendors and point solution suppliers, whose systems are more costly and difficult to implement, manage and maintain. We provide a complete line of out-of-the-box measurement and control solutions supported by 50+ years of industry experience and know how.

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