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Make Every Worker the Best Worker

Honeywell’s workforce excellence program empowers each worker with insights and advice to make better decisions faster, work more effectively and help increase plant performance. The program is built around your people and defined by your business. Our consultative process is role-based and results-driven, tailored to meet your specific objectives.

Our Approach

By providing your workforce with the tools and support necessary to increase competency and productivity, you can ensure your operations are in reliable, capable hands today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Let us help you accelerate your workforce.


Skills, Build Plans To Competency


With Immersive Learning, eLearning and Classroom Training


Potential Issues Through Monitoring and Evaluation


With Mobility Field Solutions, Practice Simulations, Expert Guidance on Demand

Use our simple measurement calculator today to estimate the financial impact of human oversight on your business performance.

Our Solutions

Customized Programs for Skills

  • Tailored programs focused on roles that identify and address the key skills required by each worker to perform effectively and realize the business’s goals.
  • For a more objective approach and added insights, we supplement traditional self-assessment and supervisor reviews with data analysis of on-the-job performance to identify gaps in knowledge and skills.
  • Drawing value from your plant data, Honeywell pinpoints the tasks where trainees and experienced workers need interventions and craft programs to deliver better and faster results

VR led, Simulated Training Environment

  • Field and panel operators can practice and train together on different plant operation and safety scenarios in a virtual and safe simulated environment.
  • Our virtual reality (VR) and mixed-reality-based training tool incorporates a digital twin of physical plant operations to provide targeted, on-demand, skill-based training for workers.
  • With IFS technology, plants can simulate scenarios such as primary failure and switchovers, and cable and power supply failures, that train and test personnel on their skills.

Honeywell Enhances Immersive Field Simulator To Meet Broader Spectrum Of Training And Development Requirements

Advanced Machine Learning To Measure And Improve Operator Performance

  • The market-first solution presents users with a consolidated scorecard of enterprise automation utilization and recommended steps to address performance-related gaps.
  • Honeywell's solution uses machine learning-powered analytics, a type of artificial intelligence, to gather insights from enterprise data sources such as distributed control systems and funnel those insights into dashboards.
  • These dashboards can provide operations managers and supervisors with a clear and complete view of operator performance and improvement opportunities.

Honeywell's Experion Operator Advisor Incorporates Advanced Machine Learning To Measure And Improve Operator Performance

Digitize your field Operations

  • Honeywell Forge Inspection Rounds automates inspection SOPs and workflows through visualization and operationalization of field data
  • It enables better data-driven decisions through insights from superior analytics.
  • Capture critical data for asset analytics and performance management.

Real- time collaboration, access to information

  • On Demand real-time remote collaboration over audio/video call through PPE compliant, hands free, intrinsically safe/ruggedized wearable device for faster issue resolution.
  • Allow field workers to have instant access to files, media, procedures as well as expert to assist them in getting the job done right. 

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Learning – Anywhere, Anytime

With options for Cloud-hosted training modules and e-learning solutions, Honeywell provides opportunities for workers to learn where and when it’s convenient. 

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How do we enable workers in the process industry with technology and tools to make them more productive?

PMT President and CEO, Vimal Kapur discusses this with Pramesh Maheshwari, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Lifecycle Solutions and Services. 

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