Exothermics Heat Exchangers & Indirect Air Heaters

Exothermics RHT Indirect Air Heater

Exothermics RHT heat exchangers are ideal for applications where the products of combustion cannot come into contact with the process air stream. The RHT is available with the Winnox, RatioMatic, OvenPak LE, and other burners upon request.

Eclipse Recirculating High Temperature (RHT) indirect air heating burners are designed to heat recirculating ovens and dryers where the products of combustion must be isolated from the process air stream. They are also excellent for use in industrial space heating systems. These burners feature an industry-proven Eclipse burner. The firing chamber and exhaust tubes are assembled as a single unit for easy installation and optimum performance.

Features & Benefits:
  • Process Temperatures to 550° F. (290° C)
  • Completely packaged design
  • Low process air flow pressure drops
  • Front access for easy maintenance
  • Separates products of combustion from process air stream
  • High temp limit protection and process air pressure switch are standard
  • Free-floating design allows for thermal expansion
  • High efficiencies of 60-75%
  • Meets NFPA 86 recommendations
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