Reduce Scrap rates and enhance efficiency

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing

Honeywell is recognized globally by Lithium Ion Battery manufacturers as a knowledgeable automation & quality control partner that understands their unique industry requirements and offers expert insights to help elevate their business performance.

Honeywell’s advanced measurement and control technology is used in many critical areas of Lithium Ion Battery manufacturing, from the initial mixing process for anode and cathode electrodes to material coating, drying, winding/unwinding, pressing, and slitting.

Honeywell helps customers achieve more efficient operations by reducing scrap rates with accurate quality measurements and controls for uniform electrode coating and energy density.

Honeywell helps customers with existing operations upgrade to the latest QCS technology with valuable features such as synchronized “same spot” scanning, high-speed, high-accuracy basis weight and thickness measurements, and the latest in operations technology to improve the uniformity of foil coating and pressing production process.

Honeywell Solutions for Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing For Greater Productivity, Improved Quality And Lower Costs.

Key benefits for customers

More than 20 years 
of proven experience

Unparalleled visibility to 
the product quality 

Accurate measurements for automatic controls

Roll-to-Roll interface to relate real time batch data to cell-level data


Holistic, end-to-end measurement and control capability eliminates islands of automation and helps improve production performance.

Optical Caliper Sensor

Measures total thickness of electrode material during coating and pressing operations


Proven platform which can integrate specialty measurement and control strategies which have been refined with decades of experience.

Superclean 5080 Scanners

Provides the basis for accurate, online measurements of basis weight and thickness of various components from conductive foils, electrodes and separators.

Basis weight Sensors

like beta, x-ray, IR to meet the diverse weight measurement needs within the LIB processes

Quality Optimizer and As-Cut-Roll

Designed for roll-base data historians with traceability down to the cell-level rolls.

QCS 4.0

Transforms data into actionable, real-time insights for improved process quality and production performance.


The Industrial Expertise and Knowledge That Your Business Needs


Honeywell Forge for Industrial provides actionable recommendations, highlighted with potential economic impact for intelligent business and operations.


Honeywell LEAP™

Optimizes automation project execution with capabilities such as automated device commissioning, which enables late binding of devices with loop configuration created in the cloud.

Fire & Gas Solutions

Provides measures for fire detection, aspiration, suppression and mass notification, improving situational awareness and ensuring the earliest possible notification of potential incidents.

Assurance 360 Outcome-based Services

Provides agreed service levels and takes a strategic view to minimize asset ownership costs, guarantee performance and improve business results.

Cyber Solutions

Honeywell Forge for Cybersecurity provides industrial cybersecurity software and services that help protect the world’s most critical infrastructures and strengthens measures across IIoT technologies.

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