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XYR 6000 Gauge Pressure

XYR 6000 OneWireless Gauge Pressure Transmitters are designed for applications that require high accuracy and reliability for safe and economical operation.

XYR 6000 OneWireless Gauge Pressure Transmitters support gauge pressure measurements ranging from 500 psi to 10,000 psi and are available in dual-head and in-line models:
• STGW944  (Dual Head)   0 to 500 psi    0 to 35 bar
• STGW974  (Dual Head)   0 to 3000 psi 0 to 210 bar
• STGW14L/STGW94L   0 to 500 psi    0 to 35 bar
• STGW17L/STGW97L   0 to 3000 psi 0 to 210 bar
• STGW18L/STGW98L   0 to 6000 psi 0 to 415 bar 
• STGW19L/STGW99L   0 to 10000psi     0 to 690 bar  
The transmitters can be installed and operational in minutes, without the need to run wires, quickly providing information back to users’ system.

How Does It Work?
XYR 6000 OneWireless Gauge Pressure Transmitters measure the process pressure and transmit the measured value as a digital output signal in user-configured engineering units. The transmitters are furnished with an ISA100.11a-compliant wireless interface to operate in a compatible distributed ISA100.11a wireless system. Information sent by the transmitters to a MESH infrastructure can be brought into Experion PKS or any other control system wirelessly via OPC client or Modbus-TCP.

Their unique piezoresistive sensor automatically compensates input for temperature. Additional ‘smart’ features include the option to configure lower and upper range values and select preprogrammed engineering units for display.

What Problems Does It Solve?
The XYR 6000 OneWireless Gauge Pressure Transmitters dramatically reduce installation costs for users. In addition, integration with Experion® PKS and other control systems provides local measurement accuracy to the system level without adding typical A/D and D/A converter inaccuracies.
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