Mechanical Recorders

Volume Recorders

Honeywell offers 8-inch and 12-inch meter-driven chart recorders for installation on large volume diaphragm, rotary and turbine meters. The major feature of these recorders is the volume oriented chart.

What Is It?
The 800 and 700 series volume recorders from Mercury Instruments utilize the 8” circular volume chart, while the 1200 and 900 series recorders use the 12” circular volume chart. Meter driven charts can be processed on an electronic optical scanner, if they are printed in scanner blue, and pressure and temperature lines do not cross one another on the chart.

How Does It Work?
The output wriggler of the meter provides the mechanical force to drive the gear train in the recorder through the universal mounting bracket. The output shaft of the gear train rotates the circular volume chart. Since the meter drives the circular chart through the gear train, the amount of chart rotation represents the amount of volume passed through the meter. Meter driven charts are divided into 100 equal segments.

What Problems Does It Solve?
Volume Recorders from Honeywell provide volume measurement in areas where power is scarce for temporary or permanent applications.