Water is a natural resource vital for the existence of life, from the supply of fresh drinking water to driving the agricultural and industrial processes essential for economic growth and wellbeing.

Although considered a renewable resource, many sources of water are being depleted faster than they can be replenished, but we can all do our part in sustaining our environment.

To ensure the smooth, compliant running of any water industry facility and the efficient, plant-wide use of water, organizations require advanced technologies such as process control and monitoring solutions with integrated safety and data analytics, remote asset management platforms and predictive maintenance systems. They also need solutions to help them comply with industry regulations, minimize energy use and reduce the risk of cyber threats.

Honeywell addresses these needs and offers solutions for virtually any water control application through its complete, integrated water and wastewater portfolio. Watch our video to learn more about Honeywell solutions in this area.


infographic 2880x1440px.png
infographic 2880x1440px.png

Explore our interactive infographic to discover how Honeywell control, cybersecurity, field measurement and metering solutions can reduce operating and maintenance costs while ensuring cybersecurity, data integrity and regulatory compliance for water and wastewater systems.



Better protection and maintenance of water and wastewater systems

Learn more about the best practice maintenance of water and wastewater systems and how to protect them against the latest cybersecurity threats in our new eBook.


City Utility Modernizes Control for Wastewater Treatment Plants and Distribution Network 

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Honeywell’s multi-mode meter data collection solution transforms water utilities meter reading capability

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Smart water meters transform accuracy, revenue and leakage performance in South Africa.

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Finland plant ensures clean water production and distribution with Honeywell’s Remote Network and Monitoring Solutions.

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Honeywell selected for a water distribution project Kuwait.

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Rijnland District Water Control Board opts for Web+IT solution.

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Improving management of the Lombardy water cycle, thanks to SBC technology.

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Honeywell’s electromagnetic water meter offers high performance

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Electromagnetic water meter excels in the harsh conditions of the Middle East

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Anglian Water explores efficiency in water management with Honeywell smart meters

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Honeywell and Vodacom collaborate to utilize NB-IoT for smart utility metering in Africa

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Honeywell’s multi mode meter data collection solution transforms water utilities meter reading capability

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Honeywell’s radio metering solution revolutionizes leak monitoring

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Honeywell’s water meter supports accurate real-time distribution network analysis

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ControlEdge™ PLC: secure and flexible control for water/wastewater applications

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A large industrial manufacturer relies on Honeywell Forge for Cybersecurity technology to help secure over 140 sites around the world

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Honeywell meets virtually any water control application need with products featuring unmatched technology, quality and engineering expertise in all phases of operation. Supported applications include:

Activated Sludge Systems

Aerated Lagoon

Bio Filter

Dissolved Air Flotation 


Anaerobic Digestion

Bio Reactor

Dewatering (Presses & Centrifuges)

Sand Filter

Lamella Clarifier

Membrane Systems

Sequence Batch Reactors

Reverse Osmosis

Screen Filter

Ultrafiltration / Nanofiltration

Trickling Filter

Influent Pump Stations

Effluent Pump Stations

Lift Stations

Leak Detection


Please contact us to discuss your specific water or wastewater application requirements and to learn how we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Simply fill out the form below.