Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

Honeywell delivers comprehensive automation and control solutions to petrochemicals processes from the sensors in the field, through the DCS and the safety systems, to the connections to SAP and other ERP applications used by executives in the boardroom.​ These solutions elevate safety and process availability, as well as production and profitability of the plant.

Experion® PKS drives critical information to plant operations to increase process availability, drive consistent product quality, and improve business performance.  Integration with Safety Manager offers a single operating view of safety and automation while maintaining the necessary separation and redundancy required for safety systems. Honeywell’s range of security systems provides multiple layers of protection, helping to avoid incidents in the plant as well as protect people and assets. 

Advanced applications include optimization, operational effectiveness, and energy management solutions.  Manufacturing Execution Systems provide comprehensive performance data in real-time to assess and capitalize on opportunities faster and more intelligently. Reliability solutions improve equipment availability and reduce downtime through proactive asset management and early detection of potential problems ranging from corrosion to equipment failure.


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