Shutoff Valves

Series 8000 Air Actuated Safety Shut-off Valves for Fuel Gas Service

Industrial Grade Pneumatic Safety Shut-off Valve that stops the flow of natural and highly corrosive gases to the combustion chamber in under a second. Offered in a wide range of body connections, construction materials, with global certifications.

MAXON Series 8000 Valves are pneumatically actuated valves with a powerful closing spring and a large, top-mounted 360-degree open-shut visual position indicator. The Series 8000 can be ordered with a wide range of internal trim options to handle general purpose or corrosive gases and comes in a compact, space-saving design. The Series 8000 provides simple installation and low maintenance for trouble-free, long-term uninterruped operation.

Features & Benefits:
  • Cast iron, carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel and stainless steel body assemblies in sizes from 3/4" to 8"
  • Hazardous Location approved: Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive constructions available
  • Factory Mutual, CSA, CE, IECex, INMETRO and KTL (KC mark) approved safety shut-off and vent valves
  • Full assessment to IEC 61508 as SIL 3 capable
  • Oxygen compatibility, NACE compliance, and fire safe conformance to API 6FA
  • Ambient temperature range of -58F (-50C) to 140F (60C)
  • Gas temperature range of -58F (-50C) to 212F (100C)More powerful with Partial Stroke Test Technology. The Series 8000 Valve can be coupled with MAXON's PSCheck Partial Stroke Testing technology to ensure maximum uptime without sacrificing safety. The PSCheck technology, when combined with the Series 8000 safety shut-off valve, provides the highest level of safety security that can be SIL 3 certified. The PSCheck was designed to minimize probability of failure on demand by automatically testing valve function without process flow interruption or line shutdown. Click here for more information on MAXON's Partial Stroke Testing solution with Series 8000 Valves. The Series 8000 Valve is now available with the following enhancements:
  • 8" size 8000 safety shut-off valve
  • 3/4" size 8000 safety shut-off valve
  • External redundant solenoids
  • External redundant solenoids with manual reset
  • Non-destructive engineering tests
  • MAXON Series 8000 Pneumatic Safety Shut-off Valves combine a unique space-saving design with a maintenance-free bonnet seal and a replaceable actuator for easy installation and smooth, trouble-free operation
  • The valve's quick exhaust and powerful closing spring provide valve closure in less than one second and reliable, long-life operation
  • Series 8000 Valve's compact design simplifies piping design and minimizes space requirements
  • The field-replaceable actuator provides easier maintenance and reduced downtime. The actuator can also be rotated around the valve body in 90° incrementsto fit your specific application requirements
  • A unique bonnet design eliminates packing adjustments for reduced maintenance and minimized drag on closing
  • The large top-mounted open-shut indicator is visible from all angles for easy proof of valve position. SIL 3 capable design provides easy design for safety instrumented systems in the IEC 61508 and 61511 process. FM, CSA and CE approvals for use as a fuel safety shut-off valve making easy integration with worldwide certifications
  • MAXON offers MAXON PSCheck partial stroke test technology designed especially for Series 8000 valves, to minimize probability of failure on demand by testing valve function without line shutdown. The combination of MAXON PSCheck and SIL 3 capable Series 8000 valves will help ensure safe, reliable operation of your process
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Part Number
1.5" 8000 SOV DISC
2.5"-4" CP HP VLV SPRG
.75"-3", 2.5"CP-4"CP VLV SPRG
SW BRKT 8000
.75",1" VOS1/VCS1 GP SW
.75",1" VOS2/VCS2 GP SW
1.25" VOS1/VCS1 GP SW