Portable Sampling

HERMetic Sampler GTX for Marine Applications

The HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem is a portable sampler dedicated to applications where closed sampling of chemicals or liquids is required, and a sample of approximately 0.5 liter of liquid is needed.

What Is It?
The HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem is a portable gas tight sampler for closed operation with liquid transfer. The transfer of the liquid from the sampling bottle to a laboratory bottle occurs by overpressurizing the upper chamber of the sampler with a pump. It is ideal for the following cases:
  • For applications involving chemicals with low/ high viscosity
  • When a representative sample of the tank content is required
  • When no gas release is permitted during sampling operation
  • When a differentiated type of sample is required (spot, bottom, running, zone)
  • When 2-inch HERMetic compact valves are installed on the vessel
The gas tight construction of the sampler avoids pressure release from the tank and exposure to fumes during operation. The equipment is designed and certified for use in potentially explosive areas (Zone 0). It can be fitted with a specific sampling bottle, allowing zone, spot, running or bottom sampling.  

How Does It Work?
The HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem allows easy installation on 2-inch HERMetic compact valves with quick connect coupling. The sampled liquid is transferred into a laboratory bottle after sampling for laboratory analysis. The sampler carries the KEMA 06ATEX0027 (II 1 G c IIB T6) Construction Safety Approval and complies with the European Union’s Directive 94/9 EC. It is approved by all major classification societies. The unit complies with a host of regulations, including API (MPMS Chap 17.11).
Technical specifications include:
  • Maximal tank overpressure: 0,3 bar, 4,4 psi
  • Tape length: 30m, 100ft
  • Capacity of sampling bottles: ~0,5 l 
What Problems Does It Solve?
The HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem ensures safety by preventing exposure to potential fire, health and air pollution hazards, and guarantees a representative sample of the content inside the tank for further laboratory analysis. Users benefit from lower operation and maintenance costs.
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TS 10086
HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem 30m incl. case
TS 10095
HERMetic Sampler GTX 07bar Chem 30m
TS 10392
Tape assy w/o winder 40m.
TS 20113
TS 20115
Bottom plug
TS 20116
TS 20119
Coupling stem
TS 20149
Bushing G1/4''- G1/8''
TS 20151
Valve G1/4'' female cylindrical thread
TS 20162
Special nut G1/4''