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Mechanical Recorders

Temperature Recorders

Honeywell offers 8-inch and 12-inch chart recorders for temperature range spans of 100 F (55°C) up to 1,000 F (550°C), and lower limit of -30 F (-34°C). One- and two-pen recorders are available in both the 8-inch and 12-inch size

What Is It?
Temperature Recorders from Mercury Instruments come in wall, flush, or pipestand mount and also in portable configurations. 

Typical temperature ranges include:
-30 - 120 degrees             0 - 100 degrees                0 - 150 degrees
-20 - 130 degrees             0 - 120 degrees                0 - 250 degrees

Other ranges can also be supplied. Dual temperature ranges as well as dual temperature and pressure ranges are also available. Recorders can be calibrated to metric units of temperature and pressure.

How Does It Work?
The mercury-filled temperature system manufactured by Mercury Instruments offers high accuracy and durability in a temperature recorder. This is credited to an all-welded steel construction with uniform scale deflection and rapid response to temperature changes. The standard case compensated system is used for capillary lengths of up to 25 feet. A fully compensated system is a necessary option for greater capillary length. The accuracy of each temperature recorder is +/- 1 chart graduation.

What Problems Does It Solve?
​Temperature Recorders provide temperature measurement in areas where power is scarce for temporary or permanent applications.
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