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Field Device Access Point Gen3 Plus

The FDAP Gen3 Plus is an industrial meshing access point providing secure and reliable wireless coverage for ISA100 Wireless and/or WirelessHART field instruments and is intended for use with the Cisco Industrial IW6300 Heavy Duty Access Point

The OneWireless Field Device Access Point Gen 3 Plus (FDAP Gen3 Plus) is part of the FDAP Gen3 Series and is used to perform a field retrofit with a Cisco IW6300 Heavy Duty Access Point.  The FDAP Gen3 Plus enables the ability to concurrently support ISA100 Wireless and WirelessHART devices in conjunction with the Wi-Fi connectivity offered by a Cisco IW6300 Heavy Duty AP. 

The FDAP Gen3 Plus is an industrial meshing access point for ISA100 Wireless and WirelessHART field instruments. It delivers an 802.15.4 radio designated specifically for mission-critical wireless connectivity to industrial sensor equipment communicating using the ISA100 Wireless and WirelessHART standards. ​
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