Improve System Insight. Maximize Performance

Honeywell Trace™ captures and records configuration data to enable users to track changes, identify engineering anomalies, eliminate errors and accelerate project planning with our intellectual property and patented data collection approach to capture data in hours versus days.

See how you can improve compliance, reduce configuration errors,
and spend less in project planning with Honeywell Trace.

What is Trace?



Honeywell Trace™ records regular system “snapshots” – as often as every three to four hours – and proactively detects and records changes. It offers configurable on-demand system performance assessments and smart change analysis with workflows. Honeywell Trace™ will be your tool of choice for tracking, validation, audit verifications, and troubleshooting of changes that occur in your system.

Smart change tracking and anomaly detection groups and prioritizes changes to identify anomalies and defects, while intended changes that continually recur can be re-categorized automatically or by the user to ensure easy identification of genuine issues.

Hardware, network and graphical views that show asset hierarchy and logical displays allowing users to view connections and dependencies, down through the network of connected sub-elements.

System performance reports: Users can run on demand system performance reports after configuration changes to identify impacts on other system components. The performance report assesses memory, CPU, network performance, controller loading, IO bandwidth utilization and many other important performance parameters.

Comprehensive Tag Reference shows all connections and data flows from and to each control module, allowing users to quickly identify the impact of changes to any asset. It has three viewing options: Connection Type / Graphical / Tabular.

User Defined Queries lets users search asset data according to criteria, expressions and output, without SQL scripting.

Channel Spare Management allows users to better plan for projects and effectively utilize all channels in the plant by seeing the hardware status- free, reserved or being used.

Live System Performance Monitoring helps users manage L1, L2 computers, networks & application performance. The perfect complement to the Honeywell Trace Gold Package to monitor risks, generate and track alerts, and take control of your system performance.

Workflow and Change Management: Customized to your standard change management process to trace approved changes to completion and identify unapproved changes made for better overall management of your system configuration.

Built around the Honeywell User Experience, Honeywell Trace™ is rich with features that will deliver an immediate, positive impact in the areas of productivity, safety, and transparency. It enables users to capture current system configurations, identify anomalies, record changes, write notes, and search through change history to rapidly find the information they need through an interactive dashboard.

What problems does Trace solve?

Honeywell Trace™ reduces configuration errors, improves troubleshooting, avoids unplanned shutdowns, captures experienced workers’ knowledge, records control strategies, and improves auditing and regulatory compliance.

It is field proven to deliver measurable results:

  • Up to 80% reductions in documentation and maintenance overhead.
  • Snapshots as frequent as three to four hours.
  • 33% lower quality assurance project activities.
  • Up to 33% FAT reduction.

Honeywell Trace™ is an essential software for all plants making changes to their control systems and seeking to improve productivity.

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