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Rolled Steel

e-Solutions for Combustion

Guides users through product selection and combustion system design for Eclipse, Hauck, and Kromschröder burners, valves, and regulators.

e-Solutions Overview

Honeywell's e-Solutions for Combustion is a free, interactive combustion calculation software tool providing a comprehensive solution for meeting industrial combustion and heat transfer challenges. The tool enables engineers, designers, technicians, and operators to develop effective thermal process solutions across a range of applications.


Users can build combustion systems using furnace and load specification, burner selection, air and fuel piping, control component design and combustion air blower selection. Also included is a NFPA System Interpretation detailing information to help users design systems in compliance with the 2015 NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces.


19 individual reference modules simplify engineering and combustion calculations making it easier to determine combustion system-related technical data such as unit conversions, emissions calculations and conversions, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and energy savings.


e-Solutions applications programs utilize 11 modules to assist with design decisions for combustion systems, including burner selection, combustion air blower selection, piping design and component selection.


  • Gives you the tools needed to size, evaluate and select the equipment to meet the requirements of your combustion system.  Combustion systems are becoming more complex and there is a growing demand for improving heat generation, emissions control and performance efficiency.


  • Eliminates need for bulky catalogs, handbooks, calculators, note pads and other complicated methods to solve problems and find answers related to thermal processes.


  • Contains a complete model to simplify the sizing of combustion systems for both gas and oil systems.