I/O Modules

CIOM-A I/O Family

The CIOM-A family provides a large selection of I/O modules and field level network gateways in a compact chassis-based design. It provides a flexible and robust solution where module redundancy is not an essential requirement.

The CIOM-A family comes with the following features:
  • Large selection of traditional I/O module types
  • Comprehensive coverage for field networks and smart device protocols (HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, ProfiBus, DeviceNet)
  • Comprehensive set of chassis types (4, 7, 10, 13, and 17 module slot types)
  • Modules are powered through an integrated power supply (optionally redundant) 
  • I/O communicates over hi-speed ControlNet (optionally redundant) using a deterministic publish/subscribe methodology.
CIOM-A modules can be placed local or remote to the control processor. Field wiring can be landed on a removable terminal block that mounts at the front of the module or through factory wired remote terminal assemblies.
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