I/O Modules

Process Manager I/O

One of Honeywell’s flagship offerings, Process Manager I/O is a well proven, highly available and extremely robust chassis-based I/O solution that brings extreme flexibility and functionality to users.

All components of Process Manager I/O can be implemented in a redundant fashion, providing a solution with no single point of failure. Process Manager I/O modules can be placed local or remote to the control processor.

Process Manager I/O integration also makes it easy and cost effective for users to migrate existing legacy systems to the Experion paradigm. The I/O modules can be used with the Process Manager, C200 or C300 controller to provide ‘plug and play’ transition.

The Process Manager I/O family offers:
  • Extensive fault checking and reporting 
  • Robust, automatic and bumpless redundancy
  • Fully integrated power system (optionally redundant) with easy-to-wire 24 volt field power
  • Highly secure and deterministic I/O data transfer.
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