Leverage the value of Integrated Safety and Security Solutions from a Trusted Partner

Plant Process & Personnel Safety

Process, safety and security are significant, mandatory investments in today’s global market. It ensures plant assets are protected and personnel provided a safe work environment. However, current practices in this area can be inconsistent and ineffective.  
Honeywell Plant & Personnel Safety solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and services to help you improve policy compliance, productivity, security and safety, reducing the risk of incidents, and if one should occur, enabling a quick and effective response with better information and data processing. The only end-to-end solution of its kind, this innovative suite includes a comprehensive, integrated offering for safety shutdown, fire and gas, physical and cyber security, telecoms and alarm management. It enables you to deploy independent, yet interrelated layers of protection to prevent, detect, and mitigate potential safety and security risks.

Enabling Safer, Secure and Efficient Operations 

Honeywell’s Telecom & Security integrated solutions offer a unified approach to process, safety and security with a tight integration of alarms and events raised in process and safety systems for intelligent, coordinated responses. 

A common, consistent operator interface and improved situational awareness results in better, faster decisions. Adopting our solutions at the start, owners, operators and EPCs enjoy better security during construction and greater control over project schedules, risks and costs for smoother project delivery.

Layered Approach to Safety 

Honeywell offers best-in-class technology and expertise for industrial fire and gas. Our F&G solutions are based on a layered approach to safety, encompassing both process and system technology, and the people who interact with that technology. We provide systems enabling you to monitor areas where hazardous levels of explosive or toxic gas may become present, and provide early warning of the build-up of gas or fire before it becomes a hazard. An integrated approach to safety and security based on “defense-in-depth” with independent layers of protection is fundamental to industry best practices.

Case Studies

Why Choose Honeywell?

Honeywell is a recognized leader in control, safety and security technologies. We have comprehensive experience in the oil & gas, refining, petrochemical and metals/minerals/mining industries, along with worldwide project engineering capabilities backed up by skilled lifecycle services teams for continued support.