Protect Your Crucial Assets

For industrial organizations, today’s challenging environment requires innovative solutions to both ensure business continuity and protect the health of employees. They need a targeted and comprehensive approach to environmental, health and safety demands, which enables them to safeguard their workforce and operations, and at the same time, respond to change.

Take a Unified Approach

Honeywell’s unified offering of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Operational Risk Management (ORM) software includes effective tools for reducing overall industrial risk. Plant operating companies benefit from seamless integration of solutions intended to help manage safety and environmental performance, ensure compliance, minimize risks and improve profitability by leveraging a host of advanced technologies.

Honeywell integrates EHS and ORM software solutions with Digitized Workforce Management (DWM), Real-time Location System (RTLS), Advanced Flare Analytics and its Process Safety Suite (PSS) to drive increased safety digitalization. This approach reduces operator mistakes by eliminating error-prone manual workflows and enables better and faster coordination via end-to-end data connectivity and visibility. Users can improve standards and regulatory compliance while reducing the likelihood of environmental fines and/or prosecution. They can also achieve real-time visibility of process safety that will promote a guided response and maintain productivity by proactively addressing risk concerns.

Process Safety Suite

Honeywell PSS is a comprehensive portfolio that fully automates the process safety lifecycle. Its powerful and versatile tools enable industrial organizations to reduce man-hours for safety-related tasks, drive consistency through best engineering practices, and enhance functional safety throughout the process safety lifecycle. The PSS software continuously monitor process operations for hazard conditions and provides safety alerts in a timely fashion. ISA/IEC-61511 compliance is simplified and displayed in an easy-to-understand format.

With Honeywell’s comprehensive process safety solution, plant owners/operators can monitor risk to improve performance, streamline work to enhance functional safety, optimize Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) programming and commissioning, and ensure reliable operations and maintenance.

Digitized Workforce Management

Leveraging digital transformation, Honeywell helps customers to efficiently manage plant operations while enhancing safety, compliance, business continuity response management and productivity. Our DWM solutions are specifically designed for rigorous industrial operations, helping companies do more with fewer resources.

The integrated DWM software suite reduces site-wide mustering time from hours to minutes, enabling faster search and rescue; reduces penalties and lost work hours; improves productivity and workforce accountability; and minimizes safety incidents with real time monitoring of fatigue, break-time compliance and enforcement of random drug and alcohol testing. It also ensures robust workforce business continuity, allows for efficient plant entry management and improves response management for a safe return to work.

Real-time Location Tracking System

Honeywell RTLS is the solution that industrial firms need to improve productivity, accelerate continuous operational improvement initiatives, and boost workplace safety and security. With advanced tracking and monitoring technology, they can gain new insights on how personnel move throughout their facility. Employees can feel safe knowing they can be tracked during an emergency. Tracking data is collected and presented to decision makers to enable more intelligent safety and productivity improvements on the plant floor.

Advanced Flare Analytics

Honeywell's Experion® Flare Watch offers an efficient solution for flare monitoring and recording, helping process plant operators comply with the local and corporate environmental regulations while managing flaring with greater efficiency and reliability. This is accomplished using a standardized system that is not only cost-effective, but also easy to implement and maintain. The Experion Flare Watch suite includes two independent solutions: Smart Flare Monitoring and DVM Flare Snapshot Manager.


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