Maintain operational resiliency with Honeywell’s microgrid controls. 

Honeywell’s Microgrid Controls solution provides outcome guarantees, service and support including turnkey offering of BESS, controllers and software to manage unique site energy needs.

What is Honeywell's Microgrid Controls Solution?

The Honeywell microgrid controls is based on the proven ControlEdge™ RTU and PLC controllers, which are powerful, modular, and scalable devices capable of all remote automation and control applications 

Key Features of Microgrid Controls:

  • Provide an easy to customize and configure controller that can:
  • Connect to and balance the energy flows between various energy assets and the site load.
  • Run controller-based algorithms or store and execute server-based schedules.
  • Provide easy on-site troubleshooting via a local HMI.

Key Applications of Controller Algorithms

Provide autonomous controller-based algorithms for:

  • Frequency control - Monitor and respond to changes in grid frequency and provide ancillary services such as Firm Frequency Response, Static Frequency Response and Dynamic Containment.
  • Fuel Saver (Renewable Maximizer) - Monitor power from solar PV, grid, BESS and diesel generators, and optimize use of renewable energy whilst maintaining a reliable supply of power and extending the life of the diesel generator.
  • Backup Power - Maintain charge of BESS and readiness of Diesel Generators to ensure continuous power in the event of power loss.
  • Facility Peak Shaving - Monitor the process control system and deploy BESS when high-energy consuming equipment is used to keep grid usage below a threshold.

Benefits Of Honeywell's Microgrid Controls

  • Optimized control & management of multiple energy assets and storage (BESS, Solar PV. Diesel Gen , UPS & grid)
  • Ensure safe running of energy assets
  • Monitor and control more projects
  • Allow for BESS size optimization
  • Optimize energy costs and use of renewable energy
  • Reduced time and costs to install and configure a customized BESS, controller and software solution
  • Reduce technical expertise required to deliver and maintain solution
  • Provide cyber and physically secure access to energy assets

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