Connect Your Utilities. Transform Your Operations.

Honeywell helps you ensure reliable, safe, and cost-effective operations of your infrastructure.

What We Offer

Leveraging global resources, best-in-class technology and proven industry experience, our integrated operations platform makes it easier to anticipate utility market needs and manage energy generation.​


Transmission and Distribution Deferral

Load shedding/Congestion Relief

Demand Response


Virtual Power Plant


Solar PV Wind Firming/Smoothing


Reduce use of conventional generation


Voltage & frequency regulation


Peak Shifting


Black Start


Spin/Non-spin reserve (remote)

What Will You Get?

Reduction of grid energy consumption during peak demand/pricing and shave grid peaks to increase the lifetime of grid infrastructure.

Ensure reliable power supply from cleaner energy to reduce carbon footprint.

Intelligent utilization of energy resources to maximize ROI of your energy assets.

Safely start your operations for disaster recovery

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