Strengthen the cybersecurity of your oil and gas pipeline operational assets

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Improve your operational resilience against cyber threats

Learn how to better protect your terminals and pipeline operations in the new digital transformation era.

Oil and gas pipelines and terminals are increasingly targeted for cyber-attacks. Breaches affecting operational assets can have potentially serious safety, environmental or economic impact. An effective operational technology (OT) cybersecurity strategy needs to be put in place to mitigate the threats. 

Download our 10 STEPS TO IMPROVING ICS/OT CYBERSECURITY FOR PIPELINES AND TERMINALS  white paper to learn more about how to:

  • Conduct assessments
  • Build an enterprise-wide ICS cybersecurity program   
  • Keep up-to-date inventory
  • Protect network perimeter and endpoints
  • Enforce removable media management
  • Monitor cybersecurity risks
  • Follow pragmatic patch management
  • Use industrial-grade remote access designed for ICS   
  • Detect suspicious threat behaviors early   
  • Effectively respond to incidents


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