Collaboration Station

Collaboration Station is the hub of digital transformation for industrial process industries, providing a unified visualization architecture for turning data into actionable insight, from edge to enterprise, to help customers improve their profits.

What Is It?
Process maintenance and other support resources for plants in the process industries are often located remotely. When responding to a process problem, rapid analysis and resolution are critical to maintaining productivity. Experion Collaboration Station uses a large-format, multi-touch display to bring together business network and view-only control system data. It rapidly establishes communication for collaboration between multi-disciplinary team members, regardless of where they are. All participants share the same view and can work simultaneously  on the same documents and data within a communication session using their desktop computers.

How Does It Work?
Collaboration Station drives better decision making by unlocking the full value of information and applications through organization, methodology and deep linking in an easy to use collaborative environment.
  • Proactively optimise enterprise production and meet quality targets: Leverage the power of Honeywell Connected Plant applications to gain insights into process, assets and people to deliver higher levels of safety, reliability, efficiency and profitability across your enterprise and make every day your best production day.
  • Benchmark best practices across global assets to maximize returns. Turn data into actionable insight so you can benchmark best practices across all your assets to optimize operations, predict plant failures, eliminate unplanned downtime and maximize returns.
  • Detect and manage issues early to minimize economic impacts:  Pre-emptively detect and prevent costly issues using a heat map view showing process hotspots and corrective workflow actions fully integrated within Collaboration Station.
  • Instant remote access to experts to bridge the knowledge gap: Empower your workforce to perform their jobs better with instant access to on-demand experts via integrated enterprise communication.
What Problems Does It Solve?
Is Collaboration Station typically looking at a single plant or at multiple plants across an enterprise?  
Collaboration Station is a Honeywell Connected Plant solution that is suitable from the control room, providing a site wide view, to the boardroom, providing a view of the entire Enterprise, all plants and all assets. Collaboration Station is build on Experion technology and can connect securely to up to 60 Experion Servers across multiple sites.
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